The Surge Synthesizer


I'm a maintainer and developer on Surge, the GPL3 digital synthesizer plugin for Mac, Linux and Windows. Surge is a high performance great sounding synthesizer open sourced in September 2018.

The BaconMusic Plugins

BaconMusic for Rack

BaconMusic VCV Rack Modules are my collection of modules for VCVRack which focus on signal path manipluatio and quantization, more antique synthesis methods, and various other not very useful things.

Solo Composition

I've done a variety of solo composition for piano, for piano and synthesizers, and for piano, synthesizers, and recovered historical audio. Items like my Scot Songs have appeared in various spoken word and theatrical productions. My solo compositions are available on my SoundCloud.


NerdBait is a project with collaborators @rickyballboy and @stephwortel exploring genres and music and just generally nonsense. You can here our music on our soundcloud.

Composition Kit

In 2017 I explored how I could use clojure to make a composition expression language for static composition which generated organic sounding music. The hopelessly idiosyncratic clojure software which resulted allowed me to sequence music like my Four Folk Dances